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To discover the Galapagos Islands is to discover nature in its purest state.


Located west of the great Andean range, is an área traversed by a coastal cordillera, and a relatively flat plain with extensive alluvial stretches.


Dominated by a range of towering volcanoes and Highland valleys that form a significant temperate ecological región.


The región is known by huge and diverse amounts of flora and fauna with extraordinary variations in their habitats and micro habitats.

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Welcome to Tierra Verde Tours

Tierra Verde Tours is a travel agency dedicated to operate outbound and inbound tourism in Ecuador, we are representatives and owners in Ecuador for Fragata Yacht and Golondrina Yacht operating in Galapagos since 1995.

For over 15 years we have specialized in tourism in Galapagos allowing us to have a very broad base of services for every budget in this world heritage, but we also offer our services with the best providers in all regions of Ecuador the coast with its beautiful beaches, andes with its mountains and the mysterious Amazon rainforest.

Ecuador, our country of contrasts, has the biggest biodiversity on the planet, you can travel from the highest volcanoes, some of them active, to the amazon rainforest in just 5 hours; or if you prefer visit the wonders of the Galapagos islands, Natural Heritage of the World, also considered one of the 10 best places for diving.

Enjoy our delicious gastronomy or take thermal hot water baths and overall get to know our kind and generous people always willing to help you. 

Share with us the richness of our folklore that expresses in popular festivals and ceremonies.

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